About the Blonde

So, I am the blonde. Which is actually more of a dirty blonde these days because aging has been rough on me. I can assure you I had been the blondest of blondes as a little girl and was nicknamed “Lou Bug” due to my apparent uncanny resemblance to Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch. Unless you are in my immediate family, though, I will not respond to any form of Lou, so don’t even think about it.

I will, however, respond to Kelsey, Kels or whatever form of T. Swift you coin.

I’m your average 5′ 9″ twenty-three-year-old college grad who has a passion for great conversation, great music, great wine and nothing but the finest watermelon. I am unapologetically a Belieber (which I would like to point out is not noted as incorrect spelling because Bieber fever is real), but more often I enjoy the rock music scene and all its variations.

When I am not writing, running or barista-ing, I’m likely hanging out at a coffee shop or shopping for deep-red to burgundy colored lip stains. If I did not live in Ohio, I would spend literally everyday outside soaking up the beautiful sunshine. Having grown up in Athens, OH, I am a huge fan of the rolling terrain environment and hiking through all the nature. Basically, I want to be a real-life Patagonia model.

I know it is beyond obvious, but, I am a Sagittarius. Extroversion and enthusiasm naturally course through my body so I will have no issue talking to you, even if you didn’t ask me to. I also love life stories and could listen to anyone talk about their passions or motivations or avocado toast recipes. Although, that is so last year and overnight oats is what’s up.

There’s too much to life to not enjoy the small things.

You’ll likely discover much more about me as this blogging process continues. And if you ever have any questions, ask! I like to think I’m an open book, but sometimes you just need a little spit on your pointer finger to turn to the right page.

(that was a terrible analogy, I’m so sorry).

So, this is the blonde talking about the blonde. And the good things in life in-between.